Why Buy With Alex Phillis

Why buy through Alex Phillis

Alex Phillis is unlike many other agents, because Alex prefers to focus on identifying the very best properties to suit each individual buyer, rather than focus on just selling you a property.

Alex believes that the definition of sales is:

“Identifying what each buyer is trying to achieve in terms of their property purchase, then offering the most effective solution possible.

Alex’s experience is, that when there is engagement and trust, a sales transaction usually occurs because of the win-win situation created!”

Those philosophies ensure that Alex has the best performance, reputation, comparable listings, minimum time on market and highest Buyer-Seller satisfaction ratings.

If you are a genuine Buyer and looking for luxury property on the Gold Coast, Alex Phillis is certainly not the biggest Agency, however Alex offers a high level of personalised Customer Service that only a small bespoke agency can offer. Alex is the genuine alternative!