Selling 3 4 4

Sold in 11 weeks

Alex’s 3-4-4 SOLD Sales Process

3 weeks preparation for going to market

4 weeks marketing

4 weeks or less to settle

Alex differentiates himself from other agents because of his 3-4-4-SOLD sales process.

Alex has developed this proven 11 week streamlined Path to a Property Sale, detailing Alex’s preparation, marketing and settlement steps of how to market and sell your property in order and to educate you in what lies ahead and provide a perfect plan for your sales success.

Our 'time to market data' informs us that the best price for any property occurs when it's sold within 28 days.

Even up to 45 days!

If a property is offered to the market longer than 45 days, we call that the RED ZONE. That is the time when the 'sharks are circling".

That is, the 'sharks' being the highly educated buyers who want to 'steal' your property.

They sit and look at the market and try to identify the properties that havent sold.........then they attack!

We never want to sell your property in the RED zone!  

We are a Family Business and Honesty is our Policy