Marketing Your Home

Marketing your home

In the world of prestige residential real estate, the term “marketing” means one thing… to motivate qualified, prospective buyers interested in your home fast.

Qualified buyers are defined as people that are ready, willing, and most importantly, able to buy your home in the shortest time period.

These people are the focus of our marketing efforts.

Our marketing plan combines the resources of digital marketing, the Internet, property for sale signs, data base marketing, email marketing, direct mail, and good old-fashioned networking in order to target prospective home buyers.

On the surface, selling your property may seem easy, but using Alex Phillis Real Estate, can make a huge difference to how fast you sell your property and the price you realise for it.

By using Alex Phillis Real Estate to sell you prestige property on the Gold Coast, you can rest assured that Alex and his team has the experience to sell your home quickly so please ask about our 3-4-4 sales process.


Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has become the new medium of choice buyers researching property purchases.

“Easy”, “convenient” and “no pressure” are words that best describe the process marketing your property.

It is Alex’s opinion that in order to effectively market a property, the modern Agent must have a strong grasp of digital marketing because traditional press advertising that most other big agents recommend doesn’t work as effectively as digital marketing and is very costly.

We have a state of the art digital and traditional presence and analytics to provide our sellers with qualitative data on our Social Media success.


Digital Marketing Internet Exposure

Videos and pictures about your property are circulated to 14 major real estate portals on the Internet to increase the number of lead opportunities.

We achieve about 4 times the leads that other agents experience due to our Social Media and Digital Marketing.


Traditional print marketing

This is a remarkable time to be involved in the field of marketing and selling residential prestige real estate sales and marketing. 

The Internet may be responsible for bringing the buyer to the home but it is usually good old-fashioned, face-to-face professional service, that gets the transaction closed.

We do not utilise print media or radio for our marketing because we have data that proves it works and proves to our vendors that it also works.

We are a Family Business and Honesty is our Policy