Achieving The Best Price

How To Achieve The Best Price for Your Property

Alex Phillis Real Estate on the Northern Gold Coast is your genuine alternative to the corporate franchise Agents.

On the surface, selling your property may seem easy, but using a specialised Agent can make a huge difference in how fast you sell your property and the price you achieve for your property. 

Alex's Unique Selling Proposition is that he is recognised as one of Australia's specialisations with Social Media and Digital Marketing. 

Alex's 3-4-4-SOLD platform focusses all of our attention in selling your property in the first 28 days.

Our experience is that if both our vendor and the Alex Phillis Marketing Team are working in synch, we will have a best price in market within 30 days.

You may have seen the headline on NWS news stating:

Coronavirus: Melburnians escaping stage four lockdown to the Queensland border

Adam Coward runs the online removalist booking platform 'Muval' and told 9News that on their website over the past fortnight, 65 per cent of inquiries have been from people looking to move from Melbourne.

"We've had 90,000 people view our blog on our website in the past few months," he said.

Under coronavirus restrictions, "removalist operations" are considered an essential service as part of freight and logistics.

As we shared, we are social media specialists and based on this information, we are now focussing our social media marketing to both Melburnians and Sydneysiders becuase they are planning their move and the second focus will be to research the purchase of a property up here. 

Because we are a progressive Agency we are always trying to establish the latest buyer trends and reach out to them so we can offer your property to them.

Our Social Media and Digital Market usually results in 4 times the leads on any property that other Agents achieve.

Alex Phillis Luxury Real Estate, proven performers who get the job done!

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