Meet The Team

Alex Phillis
Managing Director

Alex Phillis Luxury Real Estate is a family business and the Most Innovative Digital Luxury Property Sales Agency on the North Gold Coast in Queensland. Alex Phillis Luxury Real Estate was awarded the '2018 National Best User of Facebook in the Business Category Winner' by Facebook! Responsive to the rapidly changing real estate environment, the team at Alex Phillis Luxury Real Estate is leading the evolution of residential property marketing using digital technology, engaging cinematic videography and the adoption of cutting-edge property sales technology using digital technology. Prior to opening his real estate agency, Alex was asked by a business advisor to nominate his “Unique Selling Proposition” to complete with all other agents? Without thinking his response was: “To be the first and the best Digital and Facebook Social Media Real Estate Agent in Queensland, offering outstanding customer service and telling the truth at all times!” Alex has achieved his stated objectives on all counts! We use the latest social media technologies to expose our vendors properties in front of the widest net of qualified buyers. Our international campaigns reached more than 117,000 people.” We are currently targeting expats living in the UAE, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and the USA, who are looking for investment properties and to safely return home. “It is proven that we double consumer engagement (commitment) compared to our competition, which means we’re capturing a greater audience”! A Gold Coast local for 18 years who resided on The Sovereign Islands, Alex has a thorough understanding of the Gold Coast market. Alex Phillis and the sales team are all part of our family business and work in harmony with high net worth Australian and Asian buyers and is extremely successful in transacting property sales to this market. Kevin Fan is our specialist Chinese speaking Agent who ensures the ultimate in translation and communication. The Alex Phillis Luxury Real Estate is in effect an amazing Real Estate Marketing Agency for our Vendors achieving fast and best price in market sales results. As a seller, your experience with our Agency will be no pressure, honest and based on the best evidence. We will deliver truthful discussions and the best advice and if our Sellers don’t take our advice, then we part friends. Alex’s ‘Honesty is my Policy’ ensures that all parties are treated respectfully and provided only with factual information. Alex has played AFL football and is an enthusiastic Crows supporter. Alex is 37 years of age and has amazing energy and determination to succeed for his clients. He is passionate about his real estate business and works anything up to 14 hours per day in keeping in contact with his clients. Alex said: “My business is a family business and my focus is based on a passion to provide the best service to sellers and buyers alike and to achieve the best possible outcomes for all parties and to retain them as friends.” Proudly Australian.
Adam Phillis
Real Estate Agent

Adam has built an impressive reputation based on his honest personality and perceptive nature, reinforced by his consistent 5 Star ratings from satisfied buyers and sellers. An extensive sales background but backed by excellent leadership from his previous sporting background. When someone entrusts us to list their property, they are not just a client of ours but they are a client of Alex Phillis Luxury Real Estate and there is nothing we don’t provide to get them all the information and anything they need to know every step towards a sale. Adam is extremely proud that our Agency won the 2018 Social Media Advertising Awards for our real estate marketing campaigns that we promote not only on our website but also on other sites like Facebook, Instagram, our dedicated website and also the widely used sites of and Adam feels like has a huge marketing advantage as our social media marketing is viewed on average by 70,000 people per campaign/post which are focussed on targeted audiences that meet the buying requirements of a property that he and the other Agents list, like yours throughout not only the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Queensland. but also, to prospective buyers in other states who are cashed up and looking to relocate from Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and even International Buyers in China and Hong Kong. He is a huge personality and is known to enjoy life, whilst at the same time being very focussed with his work. His energy and love of all aspects of property sales is the highlight of his time in Real Estate working with Alex. If you are looking to sell and want an agent with a honest and upfront approach who gets results call Adam Today!
Brian Phillis
Sales & Marketing

Brian’s desire, is to build long-lasting, genuine relationships by offering powerful and forthright advice to property buyers, sellers, investors and tenants.”
There are many reasons why clients can feel confident listing their property with Brian because he is a highly skilled negotiator with training from Karass International in the U.S.
Brian works on the philosophy that “Understanding from Experience!” is a valuable asset to sellers and buyers alike!

Brian is a determined senior real estate agent with a committed work ethic and is able to draw on a lifetime of business sales and marketing experience.

Brian a committed father and grandfather and is an enthusiastic participant in this family business. He has made many contacts over the years and enjoys helping his clients realise their dreams whether selling or buying.

For him, there is nothing more rewarding than helping people buy or sell real estate with confidence. Whatever dealings you may have with Brian, you will immediately feel confident of an outstanding result.

Brian’s dedication to achieving the best possible outcomes for his vendors is paramount, resulting in an ever growing list of satisfied clients.

Understanding through experience, that every property is unique and that every owner has different expectations and requirements, Brian’s ability to communicate and provide owners with a personal and professional service ensures his clients achieve the very best results time and time again and consequently refer their friends.
Zack Tanti
Assistant to Alex Phillis and Sales and Marketing Agent

Zack Tanti is a local Gold Coast person and was School Captain and graduated from A. B. Paterson College at Arundel on the Gold Coast.

Zack obtained his diploma of Business at 16yrs old.

He was winner of the Australian Defence Force Long Tan Leadership Award in year 12 (1 winner in QLD)

Was the Winner of Australian Business Week Award at school 2016 Currently Studying Bachelor of Business at Griffith University.

Zack consistently displays the responsibility, humility and personal qualities that earned him the School Captain role. Few people are appointed to that role.

Zack is in his early 20's but everyone who meets him thinks he is 30-35, based on his maturity and his life to date achievements.

Zack is currently Acting as Alex’s personal assistant, he works long hours and has the best training experience, that money can’t buy.

Zack says that keeping up with Alex is like being a storm chaser and requires massive energy and time dedication. With amazing intelligence, a natural knack for sales, a genuine care for clients and a willingness to help all people from all walks of life.

Zack is the perfect fit to assist Alex. Zack’s communication skills results in clients instantly liking him. Zack is mature and gives of himself generously.

It’s no surprise then, that acting in the capacity of Alex’s PA and training with Alex and the other team members, his future is assured and we all know that Zack will be a future high performing Agent in his own right.
Val Palkin
Real Estate Agent

Val is of Russian heritage and has livd in Australia from a very early age.

Prior to joining Alex, Val was in IT and brings great IT skills to our Agency.
Val is bi-lingual! Prior to joining Alex, Val was working in IT and he brings great IT skills to our Agency.

Honesty, consistency and elite habits have formed Val’s real estate success to date, and with his refined skills and straight-up advice, comes market knowledge coupled with a steadfast commitment to great service.

Val is an incredibly hard worker, because as a seller or a Buyer, Val’s objective is to ensure that your real estate experience is an enjoyable one and he fulfils all of your standards! Val has a passion for property – ask any of his Australian or Russian friends, his past clients or acquaintances - money isn’t his motivator, honesty and superior service is.

His IT background and marketing mind, result in Val achieving excellent results for his Sellers.

On the surface, Val is quiet, friendly, professional and relaxed, but internally, he’s mapping out successful outcomes for his clients, whilst thriving on all of Real Estate’s challenges.

Connecting and engaging with people comes as second nature to Val because he grows, builds and extends friendships, all the while offering his amazing skills to ensure every property transaction is best in market and real value for his Sellers.

Val knows that real estate professionals are retained by Sellers for a reason.
Val is proof of why, because he adds value to every sale whether it be a studio or a prestige property and is known for being an honest, reliable and hard working agent.
Kevin Fan
Real Estate Agent

Kevin is the only Chinese heritage person (an Australian citizen) that we have know who has developed an Aussie sense of humour and appreciation of Aussie values.

Kevin specialises in assisting the Chinese community within the Foreign Investment Review Board approved [FIRB] areas of Hope Island Resort, Sanctuary Cove, as well as surrounding areas now that the gold coast has been declared a regional area where all property is able to be purchased by overseas non resident buyers.

Kevin has huge Real Estate experience!
He and also speaks excellent English, even ‘Australian’! Kevin has a solid client database in Australia and China, having lived and worked in Australia for the past 9 years. As a Licensed Real Estate Agent, Kevin is a dedicated professional and is a local Hope Island home owner with strong knowledge of the region.

Kevin’s skills and background provide a strong understanding of the unique needs of Chinese families, when selling or buying Australian property.
Below are sales Kevin has recently achieved:
1 Harbour Rise, Hope Island 2624 The Address, Sanctuary Cove
4915 The Parkway, Sanctuary Cove
2488 The Parkway, Sanctuary Cove
4668 The Parkway, Sanctuary Cove
1891 Highlands Lane, Sanctuary Cove
2325 Meliah Close, Sanctuary Cove
1069 Edgecliff Drive, Sanctuary Cove
1894 Sunningdale Court, Sanctuary Cove
2302 Vardon Lane, Sanctuary Cove

The feedback from his clients is that Kevin is totally motivated, will work almost any hours to get a transaction done, but is well liked due to his amazing sense of humour.
Kevin is one of our top producers! You can trust Kevin Fan!

持牌房地產經紀人 作為持牌房地產經紀人,Kevin是一名敬業的專業人士.目前居住在希望島Hope Island,對該地區有著深厚的了解。Kevin專門協助華人在外國投資審查委員會FIRB批準的希望島度假村Hope Island,神仙灣Sanctuary Cove以及周邊地區購買以及出售房產 2015年,在悉尼生活了5年後,由於對黃金海岸的熱愛,Kevin 舉家搬到黃金海岸, 擅長與人交流合作的他試圖嘗試新的挑戰,並對房地產充滿熱情, 由於有著長期生活在澳洲以及中國的經歷,使Kevin在澳洲和中國擁有相當廣泛的人脈以及穩固的長期客戶 如果您有購買以及出售房產的意願,同時願意傾聽專業的建議,不妨與Kevin聯
Kyle Davidson
Real Estate Agent

Patience, honesty and tenacity are words that truly describe Kyle’s work ethic and his expert sales and negotiation skills. Kyle attended the U.S, where he was employed as an 'apprentice buyer’s agent' and during which time he also attended the Karrass Negotiating workshops.

This has provided Kyle with superior negotiation skills.

Energy, enthusiasm and attention to detail are Kyle's strong points and they are evident, as soon as you talk with Kyle.
Kyle's intentions are honourable from start to finish and he is ably supported by the Office Team and the sales team.
Kyle puts 100% effort into your property transaction from hello, to thank you, to settlement and beyond.
Kyle is a dedicated young real estate professional who relishes in earning word-of-mouth recommendations.

When Alex asked Kyle why he applied to work with our team, he answered immediately "After my journey to the U.S., Alex Phillis is the only Agency that I have seen which is ahead of the others in Digital and Social Media skills."

That's a major reason for me joining Alex Phillis because alex's marketing creates up to 400% more buyers for my Vendors." Identifying and listening to people's individual needs and not being frustrated by having to do the 'old fashioned things that don’t work anymore' is Kyle's motivation.
Enthusiasm and Honesty are Kyle's Policies!
Travis McDermott
Real Estate Agent

Anthony Simon
Real Estate Agent

Anthony Simon is the new breed of ‘social media and digital marketing real estate agent’ who is disrupting the way how Gold Coast properties are being bought and sold.
Backed with 21 years sales & negioating experience & 12 years finance brokering experience Anthony will always extract the most money than anyone else from the market on his clients homes.
Anthony Simon backed by Alex Phillis the principle & the team of Alex Phillis Luxury Real Estate take an honest & trustworthy approach when selling homes plus with the adoption of cutting-edge social media and digital technology we provide superior outcomes for our Sellers.

Anthony Simon’s stands by three pillars:

“We use technology to get properties in front of the widest group of possible buyers and our social media marketing is creating 300% more views than competing agents. (source REA) “It is proven that we triple consumer engagement compared to our competition, which means we’re engaging with greater audience.
Our international campaigns reach more than 117,000 people across 5 countries.

Anthony analyses the digital data and then adjusts his sellers sales campaigns, to create the best outcomes for our Sellers. We always work for our Sellers!
It’s about continuously tweaking the marketing process until the best result is achieved.

A Gold Coast local for 38 years, Anthony Simon resided in Broadbeach Waters and has done for 6 years now.
Anthony has a thorough understanding of not only the market, but it’s unique Sellers and Buyers.
If are thinking of selling then contact Anthony today to see why he’s the person to sell your home...
Anthony Simon 048888 4321